Commit c474ea9d authored by Johannes Knödtel's avatar Johannes Knödtel 🎶
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fix typo

parent 04e2d3a6
......@@ -187,8 +187,8 @@
<div class="input-field col l2 m4 s4">
<input type="number" step="0.01" min="0" name="food_buy_packageprize" required />
<label for="food_buy_packageprize">Preis/P.</label>
<input type="number" step="0.01" min="0" name="food_buy_packageprice" required />
<label for="food_buy_packageprice">Preis/P.</label>
<input type="number" name="session" value="{{session}}" style="display: none" />
......@@ -50,13 +50,13 @@
(POST "/add-price" [food_buy_package_size :<< util/quantity-string-to-decimal
food_buy_quantity :<< util/number-string-to-integer
food_buy_packageprize :<< util/price-string-to-decimal
food_buy_packageprice :<< util/price-string-to-decimal
food_name_comment :<< str
session :<< as-int
:as {headers :headers}]
(pages/add-price {:ammount_per_package food_buy_package_size
:number_of_packages food_buy_quantity
:package_price food_buy_packageprize
:package_price food_buy_packageprice
:food_name_comment food_name_comment
:session session}
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