Commit a69f8bb1 authored by Michael 'PoempelFox' Meier's avatar Michael 'PoempelFox' Meier
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move software-serial-out to PA7 ("IRQ" pin on the jeenode) because that is actually unused.

parent 845adf20
......@@ -144,8 +144,11 @@ int main(void)
/* Disable unneeded digital input registers for ADC pin PA2 (used for voltage
* measurement) and PA7 (unused/floating). */
DIDR0 |= _BV(ADC2D) | _BV(ADC7D);
DIDR0 |= _BV(ADC2D);
DIDR0 |= _BV(ADC7D);
PORTA |= _BV(PA7);
#endif /* SWSERIALO */
/* PB2 is the IRQ line from the RFM12. We don't use it. Make sure that pin
* is tristated on our side (it won't float, the RFM12B pulls it) */
PORTB &= (uint8_t)~_BV(PB2);
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