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......@@ -69,10 +69,52 @@ together. The bill of materials therefore is short:
crashing during transmission (when the radio module suddenly starts drawing
a lot of power) when connected through a cheap multimeter (for measuring the
current drawn) in a different project.
* 4pin angled pin strip for the ISP connector of the JeeNode micro
* 3pin (non-angled) pin strips male and female for connecting and mounting the
SHT31 on top of the JeeNode micro.
### Putting it together
Wanting to keep things as simple and compact as possible, I soldered the few
parts directly together on top of the JeeNode micro (JNu). In the following
description, "top" means the side of the JNu with the radio module, the
microcontroller and the pushbutton, even if this is the side that will be
facing downwards later.
I used this sequence:
* solder the 4pin angled pin strip for the ISP connector (the
MOSI/MISO/SCK/RESET-pins on the side opposite the radio module) to the
JNu so the pins are on the top side of the JeeNode and face outwards.
* solder the battery tray cables to the 'P' (power) and 'G' (GND) pads next to
the radio module on the JNu.
* solder the additional 100 uF capacitor between the solder points where you
just soldered the battery tray cables, on the bottom of the JNu.
* solder the short antenna cable (included with the JNu) to the 'ANT' pad
on the JNu.
* solder the voltage divider directly between the pins on the JNu, on
the bottom. It goes between the the GND pad in the middle of the board,
and the PWR and PA2 pads on the side. The schematic is simply as follows:
PWR -----|
R 1 MOhm
PA2 -----|----------|
| |
R 10 MOhm C >= 1nF
| |
GND -----|----------|
* connect the SHT31. Sadly, only 3 out of 4 pins on the SHT31 breakout board
match our layout on the JNu. Therefore, you can use a 3x pin strip male and
female to connect the SHT31-breakout-boards VIN, GND, SCL to '+3V', 'GND',
PA0/DIO. I put the female header on the bottom of the JNu, and the male
header on the bottom of the SHT31, so that when all is put together, the JNu
lies top down, and the SHT31 is facing upwards.
For the fourth pin, just use a short wire. Connect 'SDA' on the breakout
board to PA1/AIO on the JNu.
## Case
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