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:doctype: manpage
:man source: Katarakt
:man manual: Katarakt Manual
katarakt - a simple PDF viewer with two layouts
*katarakt* 'FILE'
It's a PDF viewer. It views PDFs.
There are currently two layouts. The 'presentation layout' is very simple and
only supports scrolling on a per page basis. As the name suggests the current
page is displayed in the center and zoomed to fit the window. It is active by
The 'grid layout' is much more advanced and offers continuous (smooth, per
pixel) scrolling, zooming and adjusting the column count. Pages keep their
correct relative size and are shown in a grid.
*q* ::
Quit *katarakt*
*1* ::
Switch to 'presentation layout'. Views a single page at a time, scaled to
fit the screen
*2* ::
Switch to 'grid layout'. Views pages in a continuous fashion, scaled to fit
the width. Supports columns.
*Up*, *Down*, *PgUp*, *PgDown*, *BackSpace*, *Space* ::
Move from page to page
*h*, *j*, *k*, *l* ::
Move smoothly
*g*, *G* ::
Go to the first/last page
*^g* ::
Show 'goto page' bar
*f* ::
Toggle fullscreen
*t* ::
Toggle page number display
*r* ::
Reload document
*-*, *+*, *=* ::
Adjust zoom level ('grid layout' only)
*z* ::
Reset zoom level to default, i.e. fit width ('grid layout' only)
*[*, *]* ::
Adjust column count ('grid layout' only)
*/* ::
Show search bar
*n*, *N* ::
focus next/previous search hit
Feel free to join the IRC channel '#katarakt' on freenode.
*katarakt* is written by Philipp Erhardt.
Gitweb: <>
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