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Add emacs lisp bindings to the synctex API

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;;; katarakt.el --- Synctex support between katarakt and emacs -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;;; Commentary:
;; This provides a function `katarakt-view', that starts katarakt and
;; jumps to the current source location in the pdf.
;; It also listens to the katarakt dbus signal to automatically find the
;; right source location if Ctrl-<left-mouse-button> is clicked in katarakt.
;; To use it in auctex, add the following to your init file:
;; (define-key 'LaTeX-mode-map ("C-c C-v") 'katarakt-view)
;;; Code:
(require 'dbus)
(require 'tex)
(defgroup katarakt nil
"Synctex bridge to the katarakt pdf viewer."
:group 'tex-view)
(defcustom katarakt-command "katarakt"
"Command name of katarkat."
:group 'katarakt
:type 'file)
(defun katarakt--exec-synctex (&rest args)
"Execute the synctex command with ARGS and return the output as string."
(apply 'call-process "synctex" nil (list standard-output nil) nil args)))
(defun katarakt--synctex-get-match (regex output)
"Returns the first group of the match or nil."
(when (string-match regex output)
(match-string 1 output)))
(defun katarakt--synctex-view (input line column output)
"Parse the output of synctex view -i LINE:COLUMN:INPUT -o OUTPUT.
Returns a list (PAGE X Y)"
(let* ((synctex-out
(katarakt--exec-synctex "view"
"-i" (format "%d:%d:%s" line column input)
"-o" output))
(page (katarakt--synctex-get-match "Page:\\([0-9]+\\)" synctex-out))
; deliberately ignore fraction
(x (katarakt--synctex-get-match "x:\\([0-9]+\\)" synctex-out))
(y (katarakt--synctex-get-match "y:\\([0-9]+\\)" synctex-out)))
(if (and page x y)
(mapcar 'string-to-number (list page x y))
(error "Could not parse synctex output"))))
(defun katarakt--synctex-edit (pdf page x y)
"Parse the output of synctex edit -o PAGE:X:Y:PDF.
Returns a list (FILE LINE COLUMN)"
(let* ((synctex-out
(katarakt--exec-synctex "edit"
"-o" (format "%d:%d:%d:%s" (+ page 1) x y pdf)))
(input (katarakt--synctex-get-match "Input:\\(.+\\)\n" synctex-out))
(line (katarakt--synctex-get-match "Line:\\([0-9]+\\)" synctex-out))
(column (katarakt--synctex-get-match "Column:\\(-?[0-9]+\\)" synctex-out)))
(if (and input line column)
(list input (string-to-number line)
(if (< (string-to-number column) 0) 0 (string-to-number column)))
(error "Could not parse synctex output"))))
(defun katarakt--service-name ()
"Return the service name of the current katarakt process."
(format "" (process-id (get-process "katarakt"))))
(defun katarakt--call-view (pdf page x y)
"View the specified location PDF:X:Y in katarakt."
(dbus-call-method :session (katarakt--service-name) "/"
"katarakt.SourceCorrelate" "view" pdf :int32 (- page 1) :int32 x :int32 y))
(defun katarakt--signal-handler (file page x y)
"Handle dbus signal from katarakt."
(message "Got signal: %s %d %d %d" file page x y)
(let ((sync (katarakt--synctex-edit file page x y)))
(when sync
(find-file-existing (first sync))
(goto-line (second sync))
(move-to-column (third sync)))))
(defvar *katarakt--signal* nil)
(defun katarakt--connect-signal ()
"Connect to katarakt's synctex edit signal."
(when *katarakt--signal*
(dbus-unregister-object *katarakt--signal*))
(setq *katarakt--signal*
:session (katarakt--service-name) "/"
"katarakt.SourceCorrelate" "edit" 'katarakt--signal-handler)))
(defun katarakt-disconnect-signal ()
"Disconnect from DBus signals of a katarakt instance."
(interactive "")
(when *katarakt--signal*
(dbus-unregister-object *katarakt--signal*)
(setq *katarakt--signal* nil)))
(defun katarakt--maybe-start ()
"Start katarakt if it is not already running."
;; if the process is there, but not running: kill it
(let ((katarakt (get-process "katarakt")))
(if (and katarakt (process-live-p katarakt))
(start-process "katarakt" "*katarakt*" katarakt-command)
(sleep-for 1) ; FIXME Ugly. Wait for dbus service somehow
(defun katarakt-view ()
"View the current location in katarakt."
(interactive "")
(let ((pdf (file-truename (TeX-active-master (TeX-output-extension))))
(tex (file-truename (buffer-file-name)))
(line (line-number-at-pos))
(col (current-column)))
(let ((sync (katarakt--synctex-view tex line col pdf)))
(when sync
(katarakt--call-view pdf (first sync) (second sync) (third sync))))))
(provide 'katarakt)
;;; katarakt.el ends here
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