Commit b9be7d5b authored by Philipp Erhardt's avatar Philipp Erhardt
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Add workaround for drawing the page overlay

parent f22115b1
......@@ -257,8 +257,11 @@ void Layout::render_search_rects(QPainter *painter, int cur_page, QPoint offset,
void Layout::render_selection(QPainter *painter, int cur_page, QPoint offset, float size) {
float w = res->get_page_width(cur_page);
float h = res->get_page_height(cur_page);
// what's going on?! If I use Qt::NoPen, I can't draw the overlay rect anymore (Canvas:paintEvent)
// painter->setPen(Qt::NoPen);
QColor color = QApplication::palette().highlight().color();
color.setAlpha(0); // TODO this is a workaround
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