Commit d0565739 authored by Philipp Erhardt's avatar Philipp Erhardt
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Add zsh completion file

parent 6e5dee5b
#compdef katarakt
_arguments \
'(-h --help)'{-u,--url}'[open a URL instead of a local file]::' \
'(-h --help)'{-p,--page}+'[specify page to display]:specify page (1-indexed):' \
'(-h --help)'{-f,--fullscreen}'[start in fullscreen]' \
'(-h --help)'{-q,--quit}'[quit on initialization error]' \
'(-p --page -f --fullscreen -q --quit -u --url)'{-h,--help}'[print help and exit]' \
'*:pdf documents:_files -g "*.pdf"'
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