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......@@ -29,11 +29,13 @@ For every file passed on the command line a process is spawned.
*-p*, *--page* 'NUM'::
*-p*, *--page* 'NUM' ::
Start showing page 'NUM'.
*-f*, *--fullscreen*::
*-f*, *--fullscreen* ::
Start in fullscreen mode.
*-h*, *--help*::
*-q*, *--quit* ::
Quit on initialization failure.
*-h*, *--help* ::
Print help and exit.
......@@ -71,6 +73,8 @@ KEY BINDINGS
Toggle page number display
*r* ::
Reload document
*o* ::
Open a different document, shows a file dialog
*-*, *+*, *=* ::
Adjust zoom level ('grid layout' only)
*z* ::
......@@ -118,6 +122,11 @@ VARIABLES
'int' *rect_expansion* ::
2: number of pixels search rects are expanded by
'bool' *quit_on_init_fail* ::
false: Quit katarakt if the document fails to open
'string' *icon_theme* ::
The name of your icon theme. Fill in if auto detection fails.
Feel free to join the IRC channel '#katarakt' on freenode.
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