Commit a2cd1936 authored by Florian Schmaus's avatar Florian Schmaus
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[io] Transform assert() to EMPER_ASSERT_MSG() in GlobalIoContext

We recently saw this assert triggering in our CI. Let's yank up its
parent 3afd04de
......@@ -36,7 +36,9 @@ static void assert_submitted(ATTR_UNUSED unsigned submitted, ATTR_UNUSED unsigne
// Reporting how many sqes were submitted uses khead which
// is written asynchronously by the poller kthread
if constexpr (emper::IO_SQ_POLLER == IoSqPoller::off) {
assert(submitted == expected);
EMPER_ASSERT_MSG(submitted == expected,
"Submitted io_uring SQE count "
<< submitted << " does not match the expected number of " << expected);
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