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# Version 1.1.4 [Unreleased]
Make Google Fonts available offline
Unify project title
# Version 1.1.3
Fix capitalization in Feature component
Add snackbar for caching reload feedback
Refactor Feature Component
# Version 1.1.2
Add endpoint and button for refresh
Add better error handling and remove console timing
Refactor feature search endpoint
# Version 1.1.1
Add XML validation and handling in front and backend
Fix counting regression
Change some icons in menu
Replace some list calls with quicker endpoint
# Version 1.1
Add option to toggle inline comments
Add table view for metadata
# Version 1.0.2
Sort feature search result list
Fix regression in search
# Version 1.0.1
Refactor search in back and frontend
Add error handling for feature counting
Add static path to express server to serve app
Add error handling for feature search
Add better Feature design
Implement recursive feature component
Fix feature list in Letter
Add some more function timing
More dynamic Letter component
# Version 1.0
Initial Release
Supports Markdown
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