Commit ff6b0916 authored by Markus Opolka's avatar Markus Opolka
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Fix counting regression

parent f9041967
......@@ -9,14 +9,23 @@
<v-flex xs12 v-if="letters">
<template v-for="letter in letters">
<v-list-tile avatar v-bind:key="letter.url" :to="">
<v-list-tile avatar v-if="letter.valid" v-bind:key="letter.url" :to="">
<v-icon grey lighten-1 white--text>mail</v-icon>
<v-icon grey lighten-1>mail</v-icon>
<v-list-tile-title v-html=""></v-list-tile-title>
<v-list-tile avatar v-else v-bind:key="" class="red darken-4">
<v-icon grey lighten-1 dark>error</v-icon>
<v-list-tile-title v-html="" class="white--text"></v-list-tile-title>
<span class="white--text caption">Error while loading file</span>
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