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Update .gitlab-ci.yml file

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......@@ -5,18 +5,14 @@ cache:
- /apt-cache
- /go/src/
- /go/src/
- /go/src/
- /go/src/gopkge
- /go/src/
- /pkg/linux_amd64
- /pkg/mod
- /pkg/sumdb
# The problem is that to be able to use go get, one needs to put
# the repository in the $GOPATH. So for example if your gitlab domain
# is, and that your repository is namespace/project, and
# the default GOPATH being /go, then you'd need to have your
# repository in /go/src/
# Thus, making a symbolic link corrects this.
- mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/$(dirname $REPO_NAME)/api
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