Unverified Commit 444fecfa authored by Philip Kaludercic's avatar Philip Kaludercic 🌝
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display article source link

parent 7dbf4de6
......@@ -28,12 +28,16 @@
(link tag (format #f "/tags/~a.xml" tag)))
(or (post-ref post 'tags) '()))
", "))
,@(if (and site prefix)
`(" "
,(link "Permalink"
(format #f "/~a/~a.html"
prefix (site-post-slug site post))))
(span ,@(if (and site prefix)
`(" "
,(link "Permalink"
(format #f "/~a/~a.html"
prefix (site-post-slug site post)))
" | ")
,(link "Source"
(string-append "https://gitlab.cs.fau.de/faui2k17/posts/blob/master/"
(basename (post-file-name post)))))))))
(define local-site-theme
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