Unverified Commit de0d3feb authored by Philip Kaludercic's avatar Philip Kaludercic 🌝
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fixed empty page bug

parent 5b5a94c9
......@@ -19,10 +19,12 @@ See (haunt builder blog)'s blog for more details."
(else (shorter-than (cdr lst) (1- n)))))
(define (group-by lst n)
(if (shorter-than lst n)
(list lst)
(cond ((null? lst) '())
((shorter-than lst n)
(list lst))
(receive (head rest) (split-at lst n)
(cons head (group-by rest n)))))
(cons head (group-by rest n))))))
(lambda (site posts)
(let* ((sorted (posts/reverse-chronological posts))
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