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    • Florian Fischer's avatar
      make cancellation in all emper variants sound · 9c0f2143
      Florian Fischer authored
      * Document data races of a future's state.
      * Get and set a Future's state only through methods. This helps to
        add possibly needed atomic operations.
      * Use atomics to get/set cancel and prepare state in IO_SINGLE_URING vaiant
      * Add more IO debug messages
      * Use the BPS of Futures with callbacks similar to those of forgotten
        ones to signal their preparation. The preparation mark the
        last moment where the Future is used in EMPER and after that the memory
        can be dropped.
        ATTENTION: This means not that the used resources of the IO request
        can be dropped. The kernel may still use a supplied buffer for example.
      * Fix Future chain cancellation in SubmitActor
  11. 24 Dec, 2021 1 commit
    • Florian Fischer's avatar
      properly cancel future callbacks · 95722c1b
      Florian Fischer authored
      Currently canceling Futures would never happen because we
      issued the cancel request only with the pointer of the future.
      This works more by coincidence than by design because
      the PointerTags::Future tagged onto the submitted future pointer is 0.
      This does not work for callbacks because they are tagged with a
      PointerTags != 0 and they don't use their callback pointer rather
      than the future pointer.
      Fix this by exporting the tagging from IoContext::prepareFutureChain
      into IoContext::createFutureTag and use this when submitting a cancel
      Warn the user that they have to manually take care of the memory safety
      of the callback because we can not await the callback in Future::cancel.
      Add a test case to CancelFutureTest.
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  13. 17 Dec, 2021 1 commit