Commit 2c184885 authored by Florian Fischer's avatar Florian Fischer
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[bench/client] fix remote_cmds for multiple clients

parent b805b992
......@@ -130,10 +130,11 @@ def run_remote_clients(cmd: str, out: Path, err: Path, csv: Path,
files.extend([h_out, h_err, h_csv])
r_cmd = remote_cmd.format(host=host)
h_cmd = cmd.format(outfile=h_csv)
Client(h_cmd, h_out, h_err, remote_cmd=remote_cmd, host=host))
clients.append(Client(h_cmd, h_out, h_err, remote_cmd=r_cmd,
# await all clients
for client in clients:
......@@ -118,11 +118,11 @@ def bench(server_cmds) -> EvalResult:
'SERVER': server_name
remote_cmd = None
remote_cmd = REMOTE_CMD.format(host=HOST, ssh_port=SSH_PORT)
remote_cmd = None if not REMOTE_CMD else REMOTE_CMD.format(
host='{host}', ssh_port=SSH_PORT)
if remote_cmd:
# make sure the benchdir is available on the HOST
remote_prepare_cmd = f'{remote_cmd} mkdir -p {bench_dir}'
remote_prepare_cmd = f'{remote_cmd.format(host=HOST)} mkdir -p {bench_dir}'
cmd_run(remote_prepare_cmd, log)
measure_cmd = MEASURE_CMD.format(**substitutions)
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