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add latency plots

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...@@ -7,39 +7,52 @@ else ...@@ -7,39 +7,52 @@ else
DATA="$1" DATA="$1"
fi fi
COMMON_EXCLUDE="-ix *lockless*" COMMON_EXCLUDE="-ix *lockless*"
PLOT_LATENCY="./ --plot bar-tikz"
OUT=plots/ma OUT=plots/ma
mkdir -p "$OUT" mkdir -p "$OUT"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-register-iouring.tex -i emper-vanilla emper-not-register-iouring -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-register-iouring.tex -i emper-vanilla emper-not-register-iouring -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-linked-futures.tex -i emper-vanilla emper-linked-futures -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-linked-futures.tex -i emper-vanilla emper-linked-futures -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-emper.tex -i 'emper*' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-pipe.tex -i emper-vanilla '*pipe*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-pipe-delay.tex -i emper-computation-0us-1ms '*pipe*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-waitfd.tex -i emper-vanilla '*waitfd*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-waitfd-delay.tex -i emper-computation-0us-1ms '*waitfd*0us-1ms*' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-emper.tex -i 'emper*' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-stealing.tex -i emper-vanilla '*io-stealing*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-stealing-delay.tex -i '*computation*0us-1ms' '*stealing*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-pipe.tex -i emper-vanilla '*pipe*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-notification.tex -i emper-vanilla '*notification*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-pipe-delay.tex -i emper-computation-0us-1ms '*pipe*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-notification-delay.tex -i '*notification*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-waitfd.tex -i emper-vanilla '*waitfd*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-base-strategies.tex -i emper-vanilla 'emper-simple-arch*' emper-pipe emper-waitfd -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-waitfd-delay.tex -i emper-computation-0us-1ms '*waitfd*0us-1ms*' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-strategies.tex -i emper-vanilla '*pipe*' '*waitfd*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-strategies-delay.tex -i '*computation*0us-1ms' '*pipe*0us-1ms' '*waitfd*-0us-1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-stealing.tex -i emper-vanilla '*io-stealing*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-all.tex -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-stealing-delay.tex -i '*computation*0us-1ms' '*stealing*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-no-delay.tex -ix '*1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-delay.tex -i '*1ms' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-notification.tex -i emper-vanilla '*notification*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-runtimes.tex -i emper-vanilla go tokio -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-notification-delay.tex -i '*notification*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-runtimes-delay.tex -i '*computation*200us' 'go*200us' 'tokio*200us' -- "$THROUGHPUT_DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-base-strategies.tex -i emper-vanilla 'emper-simple-arch*' emper-pipe emper-waitfd -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT_LATENCY} ${LATENCY_DATA}/{emper-computation,go,tokio}-200us/$LATENCIES > "$OUT"/ma-runtime-latency.tex
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-strategies.tex -i emper-vanilla '*pipe*' '*waitfd*' -ix '*0us-1ms' -- "$DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-strategies-delay.tex -i '*computation*0us-1ms' '*pipe*0us-1ms' '*waitfd*-0us-1ms' -- "$DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-all.tex -- "$DATA" ${PLOT_LATENCY} ${LATENCY_DATA}/*{waitfd,pipe,computation}-0us-1ms/$LATENCIES > "$OUT"/ma-strategy-latency.tex
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-no-delay.tex -ix '*1ms' -- "$DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-delay.tex -i '*1ms' -- "$DATA"
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-runtimes.tex -i emper-vanilla go tokio -- "$DATA" ${PLOT_LATENCY} ${LATENCY_DATA}/*{pipe*,computation}-0us-1ms/$LATENCIES > "$OUT"/ma-pipe-latency.tex
${PLOT} -o "$OUT"/ma-runtimes-delay.tex -i '*computation*200us' 'go*200us' 'tokio*200us' -- "$DATA" ${PLOT_LATENCY} ${LATENCY_DATA}/*{waitfd*,notification*,computation}-0us-1ms/$LATENCIES > "$OUT"/ma-waitfd-latency.tex
cd "$OUT" cd "$OUT"
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