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Improve matching of pdflatex font sizes to xelatex

The regular font weight had a gigantic difference between normal and fat
text. Whereas for the book font weight there was barely any difference
at all.
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...@@ -124,11 +124,12 @@ ...@@ -124,11 +124,12 @@
\neo@fontsave \neo@fontsave
} }
\newcommand{\neo@fontbook}{ \newcommand{\neo@fontbook}{
\def\bfseries@sf{mb} \def\mdseries@sf{sl}
\neo@fontsave \neo@fontsave
} }
\newcommand{\neo@fontregular}{ \newcommand{\neo@fontregular}{
\def\mdseries@sf{m} \def\mdseries@sf{sl}
\def\bfseries@sf{sb} \def\bfseries@sf{sb}
\neo@fontsave \neo@fontsave
} }
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