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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ $(PACKAGE_TGT): $(wildcard $(PACKAGE_DIR)/*.ins) $(PACKAGE_SRC) | $(CACHE_DIR)
$(CACHE_DIR):; @mkdir -p $(CACHE_DIR)
%_handout.pdf %_2x1.pdf %_2x2.pdf %_handout_2x1.pdf %_handout_2x2.pdf %.pdf: %.tex $(wildcard *.bib) $(PACKAGE_TGT) FORCE | $(CACHE_DIR)
%_handout.pdf %_1x2.pdf %_2x2.pdf %_handout_1x2.pdf %_handout_2x2.pdf %.pdf: %.tex $(wildcard *.bib) $(PACKAGE_TGT) FORCE | $(CACHE_DIR)
@test -f $@ && touch $@ || true
@cd $(dir $< ) && $(COMPILE_TEX) -jobname=$(basename $(notdir $@)) $(notdir $<)
@cp $(CACHE_DIR)/$(notdir $@) $@
......@@ -60,5 +60,21 @@ pdfpc-%: %.pdf
evince-%: %.pdf
@evince $<
@echo "Useful i4neo targets:"
@echo " [FILE].pdf Generate PDF from Latex Beamer ([FILE].tex)"
@echo " or Markdown ([FILE].md) with Pandoc Beamer flavour"
@echo " preview-[FILE] Live preview with automatic rebuild on change"
@echo " pdfpc-[FILE] Start PDFPC presentation"
@echo " evince-[FILE] Open PDF in Evince viewer"
@echo " [FILE]_handout.pdf Generate handout version of presentation"
@echo " [FILE]_1x2.pdf Generate printable version with two slides per page"
@echo " [FILE]_2x2.pdf Generate printable version with four slides per page"
@echo "Source at"