Commit 7c086f6f authored by Bernhard Heinloth's avatar Bernhard Heinloth
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CSV export

parent 409419ae
......@@ -123,6 +123,15 @@ switch ($site){
status('Eingetragen.', 200, 'OK');
case 'data.csv':
header('Content-type: text/comma-separated-values');
echo "From;To;Duration;FromISO;ToISO;name;hidden;MAC\n";
$stmt_log = $pdo->prepare('SELECT data.begin AS begin, data.stop AS stop, AS name, categories.hidden AS hidden, data.mac AS mac FROM data JOIN categories ON (data.category = WHERE categories.uid = ? ORDER BY begin, stop');
if ($stmt_log->execute(array($user['uid'])))
while ($row_log = $stmt_log->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC))
echo $row_log['begin'].';'.$row_log['stop'].';'.($row_log['stop']-$row_log['begin']).';'.date('c;',$row_log['begin']).date('c;',$row_log['stop']).$row_log['name'].';'.$row_log['hidden'].';'.$row_log['mac']."\r\n";
case 'dashboard':
case 'update':
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