Commit 4e2525fa authored by Sergey Goncharov's avatar Sergey Goncharov
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entries for aspell.conf

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add-tex-command usepackage op add-tex-command usepackage op
add-tex-command PassOptionsToPackage p add-tex-command PassOptionsToPackage pp
add-tex-command RequirePackage op add-tex-command RequirePackage op
add-tex-command savesymbol p add-tex-command savesymbol p
add-tex-command restoresymbol pp add-tex-command restoresymbol pp
...@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ add-tex-command FXRegisterAuthor ppp ...@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ add-tex-command FXRegisterAuthor ppp
add-tex-command usetikzlibrary p add-tex-command usetikzlibrary p
add-tex-command tikzset p add-tex-command tikzset p
add-tex-command newcommand pp add-tex-command newcommand pp
add-tex-command renewcommand pp
add-tex-command label p add-tex-command label p
add-tex-command mathit p add-tex-command mathit p
add-tex-command oname p add-tex-command oname p
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