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......@@ -168,12 +168,12 @@ pack: $(TEXSRC)
cp *.bbl submission || echo "There are no bbl-file!"
cp *.bst submission || echo "There are no bst-file!"
# copying all files from the current directory mentioned in log-file
for file in *; do if grep --quiet $$file *.log; then cp $$file submission; fi; done
for file in * ; do if [ -f $file ]; then (if grep --quiet $file *.log; then cp $file submission; fi); fi ; done
# remove comments
for file in submission/*.tex; do perl -i -pe 's/(^|[^\\])%.*/\1%/' $$file; done
# remove appendix
#for file in submission/*.tex; do sed -i '/\\appendix/,$$c \\\end{document}' $$file ; done
#cd submission; rm *.aux *.blg *.log *.out; rm -f ../; zip -r ../ *
cd submission; rm *.aux *.blg *.log *.out; rm -f ../; zip -r ../ *
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