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spell checking command

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......@@ -186,4 +186,6 @@ up: $(PDFNAMES)
.PHONY: check
-echo "Checking duplicates.."
-grep -Eon -r --include "*.tex" '(\b[[:alpha:]]+\b) \1\b' .
-grep -Eon -r --include "*.tex" '(\b[[:alpha:]]{2,}\b) \1\b' .
-echo "Checking spelling.."
cat $(SRCNAMES) | aspell --conf-dir=$(THISDIR) list -t --dont-tex-check-comments -d en_GB-ize | sort -uf | sed -E '/.../!d'
add-tex-command PassOptionsToPackage p
add-tex-command RequirePackage op
add-tex-command savesymbol p
add-tex-command restoresymbol pp
add-tex-command FXRegisterAuthor ppp
add-tex-command usetikzlibrary p
add-tex-command tikzset p
add-tex-command newcommand pp
add-tex-command label p
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