Commit 58275d96 authored by ceddral's avatar ceddral
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player: initialise screen with 0 size

since resize and bounds checks work (for a whole while) now
it is not necessary anymore to assume an arbitrary default size
parent 843a5198
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ func NewPlayer(conn net.Conn) (p *Player) {
p.windowSizeLoopKill = make(chan struct{})
// TODO new players need to be sent to the meta lobby context
p.context = glgl
p.scr = tg.NewScreen(conn, 80, 24, tg.ColorDefault, tg.ColorDefault)
p.scr = tg.NewScreenEmpty(conn, tg.ColorDefault, tg.ColorDefault)
go p.windowSizeLoop()
gs.players[] = p
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