Commit 1d947711 authored by Ferdinand Fischer's avatar Ferdinand Fischer
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Fixed call of quantity.Discrete.on( myGrid, myGridName )

parent 89b66f7e
......@@ -268,7 +268,13 @@ classdef (InferiorClasses = {?quantity.Symbolic}) Discrete < handle & matlab.mi
elseif nargin == 3
assert(iscell(myDomain), 'If the domain is specified by cell-array pairs, the value myDomain must be a cell-array with grid entries')
% case 2: a domain is specified by a grid and a grid
% name. Then, the first input parameter is the grid,
% i.e., myGrid = myDomain and the second is the grid
% name.
myDomain = misc.ensureIsCell(myDomain);
gridNames = misc.ensureIsCell(gridNames);
assert(all(cellfun(@(v)isvector(v), myDomain)), 'The cell entries for a new grid have to be vectors')
assert(iscell(gridNames), 'The gridNames parameter must be cell array')
assert(all(cellfun(@ischar, gridNames)), 'The gridNames must be strings')
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