Unverified Commit 621caea5 authored by Ayush Chaurasia's avatar Ayush Chaurasia Committed by GitHub
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W&B: Fix sweep bug (#4276)

* Improve docstrings and run names

* default wandb login prompt with timeout

* return key

* Update api_key check logic

* Properly support zipped dataset feature

* update docstring

* Revert tuorial change

* extend changes to log_dataset

* add run name

* bug fix

* bug fix

* Update comment

* fix import check

* remove unused import

* Hardcore .yaml file extension

* reduce code

* Reformat using pycharm

* Remove redundant try catch

* More refactoring and bug fixes

* retry

* Reformat using pycharm

* respect LOGGERS include list

* call wandblogger.log instead of wandb.log

* Fix Sweep bug

Co-authored-by: default avatarGlenn Jocher <glenn.jocher@ultralytics.com>
parent 388016e9
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ from pathlib import Path
import wandb
FILE = Path(__file__).absolute()
sys.path.append(FILE.parents[2].as_posix()) # add utils/ to path
sys.path.append(FILE.parents[3].as_posix()) # add utils/ to path
from train import train, parse_opt
from utils.general import increment_path
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