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`int(mlc)` (#4385)

parent e96c74b5
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ def train(hyp, # path/to/hyp.yaml or hyp dictionary
hyp=hyp, augment=True, cache=opt.cache, rect=opt.rect, rank=RANK,
workers=workers, image_weights=opt.image_weights, quad=opt.quad,
prefix=colorstr('train: '))
mlc = np.concatenate(dataset.labels, 0)[:, 0].max() # max label class
mlc = int(np.concatenate(dataset.labels, 0)[:, 0].max()) # max label class
nb = len(train_loader) # number of batches
assert mlc < nc, f'Label class {mlc} exceeds nc={nc} in {data}. Possible class labels are 0-{nc - 1}'
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