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### Why no public repositories for students and individual employees?
Published links become invalid once your account is deleted at the end of your university affiliation. For public repositories a university facility should take responsibility as long as the project is to be publicly available.

### Is this CIP GitLab the right choice for non-university projects?
No, most of GitLab's functionality like issues, merge-requests, etc. are only available to university members. External accounts are only created for good reasons. That might be something like extensive collaboration at a university related project, not just simple bug reports or merge-requests.

### What about backups?
Yes, there are daily backups. Git repositories can easily be restored, however, GitLab's backup does not offer restoration of individual projects incl. its issues, merge-requests (see [here](https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/2397)).

### Continuous Integration?
We maintain a shared runner for all of our users. Be mindful of reasonable resource usage. You can also integrate your own runners.

### Problems?