1. 10 Sep, 2015 3 commits
  2. 07 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      sse: do not wipe set events on SetEvent · be3c6155
      Christian Dietrich authored
      It is unwise to overwrite the set-event bitmask on a SetEvent system
      call. ecc1_event1f will ensure the correct behavior in the future.
      Change-Id: I98bf21664d381e6093c194ad0442ee168fc92764
  3. 12 Aug, 2015 4 commits
  4. 06 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      generator: application FSM transformation · 2f69ade0
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The ApplicationFSM pass transforms the ICFG of a task to a finite state
      machine. This construction is done by transforming CFG-edges to
      FSM-states, and CFG-blocks to FSM-transitions.
      In a second step, the CFG-computation blocks are handled as FSM-epsilon
      transitions. Then a standard epsilon elimination is done for
      Change-Id: I874bc3b17ebaf16b58bb70226e5eef091e5cbbe9
  5. 05 Aug, 2015 1 commit
  6. 27 Jul, 2015 4 commits
  7. 23 Jul, 2015 3 commits
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      fail: expose --inline-scheduler in variant name · 243b6a9f
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Change-Id: I83cac7005d667bdfd2045f8e0e58c03bddf1a475
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      os/scheduler: make schedule inlinable again · 4d9f11e5
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Inlining the scheduler reveals a high potential for specialization and
      and SDC reduction. In the implementation of the zedboard benchmark, we
      dropped the inlinability support. This is now possible again. With
      inline-scheduler+specialization the scheduler is paritally instansiated
      whereever possible.
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=no
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=no
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=no
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=no
      Change-Id: I2749078a3cc4ebeeb19bde14eb769b5781ac409f
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      build system: proper inlining · 5b4cd7d8
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Inlining is hard. Convincing the compiler to actually inline the
      systemcall bodies is even harder. Therefore we now use the always_inline
      flag together with the -always-inline (llvm-opt) compiler
      pass. Furthermore -gc-section drops all unused functions.
      Change-Id: Ifd429e28ebb330944230076bca3886f4ef1171e3
  8. 20 Jul, 2015 1 commit
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      os/scheduler: unify scheduler.h.in · 4568b8f8
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Until know there where two different versions of scheduler.h.in, one for
      encoded and one for the unencoded variant. In essence they were nearly
      identical. Therefore, they could be unified without changing the
      execution sequence.
      Change-Id: Ifff4cd4a18bee135e286f330212aa14247cc2277
  9. 08 Jun, 2015 2 commits
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      i386: FaultDetectedHook in page fault handler · 1ca1f032
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Like the last change, this one does not change the SDC rate, but does only make
      them detectable by application/FAIL*. Until now, MPU faults were routed to isr_undetected
      Change-Id: Iac81f8611753cafbddb6d1f9c4bbe505a788890e
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      i386: FaultDetectedHook on unhandled interrupt · 01ad46c1
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Until now, unhandled interrupt resulted in a hanging machine. This did *not*
      cause the SDC rates to change, but made the TIMEOUT numbers for fault injection
      campaigns slightly too high.
      Change-Id: I4616c5ddad66659bab604cd3ed5b5405ceea44ce
  10. 01 Jun, 2015 1 commit
  11. 29 May, 2015 2 commits
  12. 28 May, 2015 2 commits
  13. 22 May, 2015 1 commit
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      x86: make privilege isolation optional · ecdc07db
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Since privilege isolation is a very costly feature, and we're not sure
      wheter it is good or bad for dependability, we make it optional. This
      allows us to evaluate it separately.
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --privilege-isolation f
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --privilege-isolation f --mpu t
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --privilege-isolation f --encoded t
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --privilege-isolation f --basic-tasks t
      Change-Id: Ia22a41eb610b090aeaac486d006a4b4ea2ab762a
  14. 21 May, 2015 1 commit
  15. 20 May, 2015 4 commits
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      i386: All MMU related functions can be disabled · caab7311
      Christian Dietrich authored
      All MMU related datastructres are now removed from the image, if dOSEK
      is build without MPU.
      Change-Id: If01c87027df73b92f3df979d0955098c4b5c91c3
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      fail/test.h: remove disable interrupt · 367ac4d7
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The disable interrupts at that place, caused the bench-coptermock to break.
      Change-Id: Iedea2a6c259e276c3101dc8970ff29a2e1b57e9a
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      PreciseSystemState: memory efficient variant · 8c7b1141
      Christian Dietrich authored
      We implement the PreciseSystemState with a more efficient variant. It
      uses the __slot__ feature of python (therefore I removed it from the
      inheritance chain, which causes some copying of code).
      With this change the memory consumption for bench-coptermock drops from
      ~60Mb to ~40Mb for the SymbolicSystemExecution pass. With pypy3, the
      memory consumption drops to 23Mbyte.
      Change-Id: Ic87be8afa97d6861dfe49c9cffd40d3bdc6464a5
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      extractor: separate executable for llvm · 841b6647
      Christian Dietrich authored
      In order drop our dependency on llvmpy, which seems to be abandoned at
      the moment, I implemented the llvm-extractor tool. It:
      - splits basic blocks before and after each CallInst/InvokeInst
      - rename the system calls
      - extracts the system call arguments
      - dumps a python dict with the strucutre
      Change-Id: I2adac08c14ceb2e49ffe1bbcb43216b6769b06c1
  16. 12 May, 2015 3 commits
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      benchmark: port the coptermock benchmark from the ISORC'13 paper · e69974c4
      Christian Dietrich authored
      In order to port the "old" isorc benchmark, I had to adapt the code only
      a little bit to work around the constant-referencing of system objects
      pollicy of dOSEK. Facts about the benchmark are:
      - If run at 50Mhz
        - Takes 1.3 seconds (The original ISOR benchmark took 1.29 seconds)
        - Emits 110 checkpoints
          - Original CiAO: 107 (almost no diff to the current trace)
          - Original eCOS: 110 (two execution blocks are shuffled)
      Change-Id: I6ab96fae29e1c8376da95ec4f622dc1d92843f4d
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      generator: Implement GetEvent systemcall · 3f98051a
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The system call was already implemented in the scheduler API, but was
      not exposed to the applications.
      Change-Id: I08206e0a5e83011b63efb8257c1a57c00a93a8ba
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      fail: fix trace-analyze · 0bd0184f
      Christian Dietrich authored
      trace-analyze.py did crash on the current traces due to a API change in
      stats_binary. Additionally syscall_end markers are now also detected as
      end of system-call--regions markers.
      Change-Id: I2d9c09d235a6c2afda34d2b6aace86665b39d2b2
  17. 07 May, 2015 1 commit
  18. 06 May, 2015 4 commits
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      dispatcher: rename ::idle to ::Idle · ac196fd8
      Christian Dietrich authored
      With this name change all upper case function from the dispatcher start
      with an uppercase letter
      Change-Id: I916a11094861c95cc179888090e1ff3d681c021d
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      i386/qemu: use -kernel instead of -cdrom · 8a163ca8
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Change-Id: Iaba3e4663749312b432c49c59c37e6fb2b62b116
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      whitespaces: remove spurious whitespaces · 98ebcd8d
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Change-Id: I21d06ffc334fcb349f657023cc52ba63d756d3df
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      basic tasks: implement basic tasks for x86 · bac43f73
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Basic tasks are quite easy on x86. Some essential bits of knowledge here
      - since we always execute the kernel on a distinguished
        stack (event-based kernel), we always have a save returnable context
        on the user stack.
      - As always we need a basic task frame pointer (BTFP) to remove the basic
        task's stack segment from the shared stack.
      - We HAVE to to the BTFP fiddling in the dispatching interrupt, since
        our i386 variant is interruptible (will break at bcc1_lukas_alarmstress!)
      Change-Id: I07b5e376cf29ba45d48f210cc2ab5cbac57888fa
  19. 05 May, 2015 1 commit