1. 05 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      coptermock: fix timing for osek-v · 04fef307
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The maxallowedvalue of the watchdog timer was too small for the actual
      usage of the timer. This regression was introduced in 243a06f0. So it
      has no influence of already published research, since it only appears in
      the osek-v branch.
      Change-Id: I074d5b757e03bf8632e838a9f5cbd9e25ba2182e
  2. 04 Nov, 2015 2 commits
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  4. 29 Oct, 2015 8 commits
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      generator: make static alarm detection optional · db0aec51
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The static alarm detection can be turned of for osek-v with
      --static-alarms n. With this flag all counters and alarms are
      instantiated dynamically.
      Change-Id: I6cf44ed79ae60aebcdf9a375acd1ccb2fd450ea5
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      extractor: compile bugfix · 6116139f
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The extractor did not build under posix AND osek-v, since the headers,
      which come with risc-v are weird.
      Change-Id: I43be143492954487a4cbe0d2a206a69b75d206b6
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      os_wired: labels before and after synchroneus syscalls · 26acd9bf
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Change-Id: I239c2c81f0946568c9a027d8c5004d0a691399f4
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      osek-v: possible base prescaling · 243a06f0
      Christian Dietrich authored
      After removing the static alarms from the system, we can optimize the
      timer irq frequency. We choose the GCD resolution of all dynamic
      counters and let the timer interrupt with a lower frequency. We're only
      allowed to do this optimization, if the underlying count has a lower
      Change-Id: Ic39c8f6db142baa97a7f50b19c23a7a1fe601eaa
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      osek-v: wipe static alarms from software implementation · 7d05cde0
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Static alarms are not managed by the timer interrupt. We wipe them from
      the implementation. If a counter has no present alarms anymore, we wipe
      it from the timer interrupt. If no counter has to be ticked, the timer
      interrupt is disabled, the Counter::tick() method becomes empty.
      Change-Id: I9438c8cfa511b5163bbb477c2d5b4f2e0f469697
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      osek-v: static alarms · 269d7dcc
      Christian Dietrich authored
      We will identify static alarms. A static alarm is configured running
      within the OIL file, and is never touched by
      CancelAlarm/SetRelAlarm/SetAbsAlarm. The OSEK-V architecture will not
      emit code for manaing static alarms. They are managed by the hardware.
      Change-Id: I7ebd5c06120cbdf6e36a60f2939b5a5f01eb5962
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      osek-v: bench-coptermock workz! · 5c5a7ea2
      Christian Dietrich authored
      A few changes had to be done at the osek-v port in order to support
      bench-coptermock application:
      - interrupt support
      - slower timer interrupt
      - arch_startup has to return normally
      - implement interrupt control system calls
      Change-Id: I6fe5c046a9bd1fc6422c5abcc9aa2041cceae990
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      osek-v: new architecture · e24cffbe
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Change-Id: Icbff87011948f22e269824b772a48b3bda596804
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  11. 07 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      sse: do not wipe set events on SetEvent · be3c6155
      Christian Dietrich authored
      It is unwise to overwrite the set-event bitmask on a SetEvent system
      call. ecc1_event1f will ensure the correct behavior in the future.
      Change-Id: I98bf21664d381e6093c194ad0442ee168fc92764
  12. 12 Aug, 2015 4 commits
  13. 06 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      generator: application FSM transformation · 2f69ade0
      Christian Dietrich authored
      The ApplicationFSM pass transforms the ICFG of a task to a finite state
      machine. This construction is done by transforming CFG-edges to
      FSM-states, and CFG-blocks to FSM-transitions.
      In a second step, the CFG-computation blocks are handled as FSM-epsilon
      transitions. Then a standard epsilon elimination is done for
      Change-Id: I874bc3b17ebaf16b58bb70226e5eef091e5cbbe9
  14. 05 Aug, 2015 1 commit
  15. 27 Jul, 2015 4 commits
  16. 23 Jul, 2015 3 commits
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      fail: expose --inline-scheduler in variant name · 243b6a9f
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Change-Id: I83cac7005d667bdfd2045f8e0e58c03bddf1a475
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      os/scheduler: make schedule inlinable again · 4d9f11e5
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Inlining the scheduler reveals a high potential for specialization and
      and SDC reduction. In the implementation of the zedboard benchmark, we
      dropped the inlinability support. This is now possible again. With
      inline-scheduler+specialization the scheduler is paritally instansiated
      whereever possible.
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=no
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=no --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=no
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=yes --specialize=no
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=yes
      Test-Config: --arch i386 --encoded=yes --inline-scheduler=no --specialize=no
      Change-Id: I2749078a3cc4ebeeb19bde14eb769b5781ac409f
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      build system: proper inlining · 5b4cd7d8
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Inlining is hard. Convincing the compiler to actually inline the
      systemcall bodies is even harder. Therefore we now use the always_inline
      flag together with the -always-inline (llvm-opt) compiler
      pass. Furthermore -gc-section drops all unused functions.
      Change-Id: Ifd429e28ebb330944230076bca3886f4ef1171e3
  17. 20 Jul, 2015 1 commit
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      os/scheduler: unify scheduler.h.in · 4568b8f8
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Until know there where two different versions of scheduler.h.in, one for
      encoded and one for the unencoded variant. In essence they were nearly
      identical. Therefore, they could be unified without changing the
      execution sequence.
      Change-Id: Ifff4cd4a18bee135e286f330212aa14247cc2277
  18. 08 Jun, 2015 2 commits
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      i386: FaultDetectedHook in page fault handler · 1ca1f032
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Like the last change, this one does not change the SDC rate, but does only make
      them detectable by application/FAIL*. Until now, MPU faults were routed to isr_undetected
      Change-Id: Iac81f8611753cafbddb6d1f9c4bbe505a788890e
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      i386: FaultDetectedHook on unhandled interrupt · 01ad46c1
      Christian Dietrich authored
      Until now, unhandled interrupt resulted in a hanging machine. This did *not*
      cause the SDC rates to change, but made the TIMEOUT numbers for fault injection
      campaigns slightly too high.
      Change-Id: I4616c5ddad66659bab604cd3ed5b5405ceea44ce
  19. 01 Jun, 2015 1 commit
  20. 29 May, 2015 2 commits