Commit 09de2e27 authored by Yunsup Lee's avatar Yunsup Lee
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compute number of outstanding misses for DRAMSideLLCNull

parent e40a6fdd
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ class DefaultConfig extends ChiselConfig {
Module(new DRAMSideLLC_HasKnownBug(sets=512, ways=8, outstanding=16,
refill_cycles=refill, tagLeaf=tag, dataLeaf=data))
} else {
Module(new DRAMSideLLCNull(8, refill))
Module(new DRAMSideLLCNull(site(NReleaseTransactors)+site(NAcquireTransactors), refill))
case BuildCoherenceMaster => (id: Int) => {
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