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......@@ -32,29 +32,22 @@ To build the VCS simulator:
in either case, you can run a set of assembly tests or simple benchmarks:
$ make run-asm-tests
$ make run-vecasm-tests
$ make run-vecasm-timer-tests
$ make run-bmarks-test
To build a C simulator that is capable of VCD waveform generation:
$ cd emulator
$ make emulator-debug
(note that you must have run `make emulator` at least once before
running `make emulator-debug`)
$ make debug
And to run the assembly tests on the C simulator and generate waveforms:
$ make run-asm-tests-debug
$ make run-vecasm-tests-debug
$ make run-vecasm-timer-tests-debug
$ make run-bmarks-test-debug
To get FPGA-synthesizable verilog (output will be in `fsim/generated-src`):
$ cd fsim
$ make
$ make verilog
Updating To A Newer Version Of Chisel
......@@ -30,8 +30,7 @@ object BuildSettings extends Build {
lazy val hardfloat = Project("hardfloat", file("hardfloat"), settings = buildSettings) dependsOn(chisel)
lazy val uncore = Project("uncore", file("uncore"), settings = buildSettings) dependsOn(hardfloat)
lazy val rocket = Project("rocket", file("rocket"), settings = buildSettings) dependsOn(uncore)
lazy val hwacha = Project("hwacha", file("hwacha"), settings = buildSettings) dependsOn(uncore, rocket)
lazy val rocketchip = Project("rocketchip", file("."), settings = buildSettings ++ chipSettings) dependsOn(rocket, hwacha)
lazy val rocketchip = Project("rocketchip", file("."), settings = buildSettings ++ chipSettings) dependsOn(rocket)
val elaborateTask = InputKey[Unit]("elaborate", "convert chisel components into backend source code")
val makeTask = InputKey[Unit]("make", "trigger backend-specific makefile command")
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