Commit a53091b4 authored by Donggyu Kim's avatar Donggyu Kim Committed by Yunsup Lee
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remove collectNodesIntoComp from Backends.scala

parent 1a101f8d
Subproject commit e9a21c3d67bde8ae7603774a58cae63db6382ca7
Subproject commit a39c41ac3352fec1ec35b3e97c643f7e2f3843be
......@@ -62,9 +62,8 @@ class RocketChipBackend extends VerilogBackend
initMap += (c -> init)
transforms += ((c: Module) => addTopLevelPin(c))
transforms += ((c: Module) => addMemPin(c))
transforms += ((c: Module) => collectNodesIntoComp(initializeDFS))
transforms += addTopLevelPin
transforms += addMemPin
class Fame1RocketChipBackend extends RocketChipBackend with Fame1Transform
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