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slsm: Documentation: add example how to backup protected files

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......@@ -73,6 +73,13 @@ user name):
printf 'p=/home/user/.ssh/private\0m=0\0\0p=/home/user/.ssh/private\0m=4\0f=4\0\0p=/home/user/.ssh/private\0m=4\0a=/usr/bin/ssh-add\0\0p=/usr/bin/ssh-add\0m=7\0f=8\0\0' >/sys/kernel/security/slsm/profiles
The setup as given above is problematic when running automatic backups which
are no longer able to backup the protected keys. One possible solution is to
copy e.g. the rsync binary to a safe place (e.g. `/root`) and allow access
only from there:
## Restricting a media player ##
Our media player `/usr/bin/mpv` should be able to play files from `~/media`,
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