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Support latest neo version

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......@@ -9,15 +9,16 @@ demo-xelatex: LATEXMK_GEN := -xelatex
demo-lualatex: LATEXMK_GEN := -lualatex
demo-pdflatex: LATEXMK_GEN := -pdf
demo-xelatex demo-lualatex demo-pdflatex: clean
demo demo-xelatex demo-lualatex demo-pdflatex: $(TARGET)
demo demo-xelatex demo-lualatex demo-pdflatex: | clean $(TARGET)
test -d "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)" || mkdir "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)"
pdftoppm -scale-to 500 -f 1 -l 5 -png $< "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)/$@"
pdftoppm -scale-to 500 -f 1 -l 5 -png $(TARGET) "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)/$@"
rm -f "$(TARGET)"
rm -f "$(TARGET)" "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)"/demo-*.png
test -d "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)" && rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)"
rm -f "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)"/demo-*.png
rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty "$(SCREENSHOT_DIR)" || true
include theme/Makefile
# i4neo Demo
![Table of contents](.screenshots/demo-02.jpg)
![Plain slide](.screenshots/demo-04.jpg)
![Slide with title](.screenshots/demo-05.jpg)
![Table of contents](.screenshots/demo-02.png)
![Plain slide](.screenshots/demo-04.png)
![Slide with title](.screenshots/demo-05.png)
Make sure to checkout the submodule as well, for example by using
git clone --recursive
To build the demo, make sure you have a TeX distribution (like *TeX Live*)
installed and simply run
make demo.pdf
to create the PDF using *XeLaTeX* (predefined by the theme).
You can use different generators like *pdfLaTeX* (which requires FiraSans.sty)
make demo-pdflatex
or *LuaLaTeX*
make demo-lualatex
or explicitly the default *XeLaTeX* with
make demo-xelatex
Although there are a few minor differences between the three generators above
regarding the typesetting, these should not be visible to the naked eye.
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ or show \textbf{bold} results.\end{verbatim}
\colorsample{Yellow}{i4yellow} \\
\colorsample{Grey}{i4grey} \\
\textcolor{nBlack}{nBlack} \\
\colorbox{nBlack}{\textcolor{nWhite}{nWhite}} \\
\colorbox{nBlack}{\textcolor{nWhite}{nWhite}} \\
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