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Hack positioning of traces once more

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......@@ -512,6 +512,7 @@ The link utilization on both real satellite links is very low, similar to the re
\caption{Violin Plots for Each Implementation in the \sat/ Scenario. Horizontal Lines represent the Quartiles $Q_1$, $Q_2$ and $Q_3$.}%
\vspace{0.5em}% positioning hack
As the server has to send most of the data and therefore has to estimate the channel parameters and especially the bottleneck bandwidth, it seems likely that the performance of the transmission is mainly determined by the server.
......@@ -606,11 +607,12 @@ As soon as the bottleneck bandwidth is estimated, the data is transmitted sequen
The entire transmission takes slightly more than \SI{7}{\second}.
This equals a goodput of slightly more than \SI{11}{\mbps} which equals a link utilization of slightly more than \SI{50}{\percent}.
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Picoquic/---\Picoquic/---\satl/}
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Picoquic/---\Picoquic/---\satl/}%
\vspace{1em}% positioning hack
......@@ -626,8 +628,9 @@ Additionally, the jagged curves indicate bad pacing.
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Kwik/---\Msquic/---\sat/}
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Kwik/---\Msquic/---\sat/}%
\vspace{2.5em}% positioning hack
......@@ -641,8 +644,9 @@ Such behavior should be analyzed in the future.
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Lsquic/---\Xquic/---\sat/}
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Lsquic/---\Xquic/---\sat/}%
\vspace{1em}% positioning hack
......@@ -658,8 +662,9 @@ Instead, doing so has a severe impact on the performance via the satellite link.
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Msquic/---\Xquic/---\satl/}
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Msquic/---\Xquic/---\satl/}%
\vspace{1em}% positioning hack
......@@ -674,10 +679,12 @@ Although only a file of \SI{10}{\mib} is transferred, this leads to approximatel
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Picoquic/---\Ngtcp/---\astra/}
\caption{Time-Offset Plot of \Picoquic/---\Ngtcp/---\astra/}%
\section{Conclusion and Future Work}%
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