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Adapt link for website with freezed results as used in paper

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......@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ There are also two performance measurement tests: \g/ uses an emulated low-laten
These non-challenging link parameters lead to good results for almost all implementations, i.e., the achieved goodput is close to the physical layer link rate of \SI{10}{\mbps}.
However, real Internet access links, especially geostationary satellite links with high delays, are more challenging~\cite{jonesEnhancingTransportProtocols2021}.
This motivated us to adapt the \ac{QIR} to include geostationary satellite links, which we then call \ac{QIR-SE}\footnote{%
The architecture of \ac{QIR} and \ac{QIR-SE} is described in \cref{sec:architecture}.
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