Commit 040ee69c authored by Jonny Schäfer's avatar Jonny Schäfer
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update for video search new and user

parent 9a4f3bfe
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ type videoSort struct {
var (
videoPatternSearch = regexp.MustCompile(`<div class="yt-lockup-content">.*?href="/watch\?v=(.*?)("|\&).*?title="(.*?)".*?> - Duration: (.*?)\..*?<a href="/user/(.*?)".*?<li>(.*?) ago</li>.*?<li>(.*?) views</li>`)
videoPatternUser = regexp.MustCompile(`<h3 class="yt-lockup-title ">.*?title="(.*?)".*?href="/watch\?v=(.*?)("|\&).*?> - Duration: (.*?)\.(?s:.*?)<li>(.*?) views</li>.*?<li>(.*?) ago</li>`)
videoPatternUser = regexp.MustCompile(`<h3 class="yt-lockup-title.*?title="(.*?)".*?href="/watch\?v=(.*?)("|\&).*?> - Duration: (.*?)\.(?s:.*?)<li>(.*?) views</li>.*?<li>(.*?) ago</li>`)
// videoList returns a list of found videos of the given page. If an error occured nil is returned.
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