Commit 7df8c910 authored by Christian Dietrich's avatar Christian Dietrich
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musl: identified weird commit. Build that parent from scratch

parent 9e3dbba2
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......@@ -127,6 +127,11 @@ class HistoricalCompilation(Experiment, ClangHashHelper):
"parent": commit[1],
"summary": commit[2]}
# Somehow this commit in musl is weird. It behaves
# totally different, if build with a fresh parent and
# a non-fresh parent. With this we are one the save side
if commit[0] == "416d1c7a711807384cc21a18163475cf757bbcb5":
last_failed = True
# First, we build the parent. In a total linear
# history, this is a NOP. Otherwise, we try to reset
# to the actual parent, and rebuild the project. This
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