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wrappers: divert between whole project and in-depth wrappers

parent 7dff802e
# These two wrappers are used to gather in-depth information about the
# hashing process. Using them does not yield proper timing information
# about the overall compilation process.
configure_file( ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/wrappers/clang-hash)
configure_file( ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/wrappers/clang)
configure_file( ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/wrappers/clang-hash-collect)
# These wrappers can be used for the actual (re)compilation of whole procects.
COMMAND "${CMAKE_COMMAND}" "-E" "create_symlink"
configure_file( ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/wrappers/clang-hash-stop)
# Symlink compiler wrappers
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Wrapper for clang, that supports (only) fast hash-based
# recompilation.
printf -v ARGS "%q " "$@"
-Xclang -plugin-arg-clang-hash -Xclang -stop-if-same-hash \
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This wrapper script should be used, if you want to gather insight
# information about the hashing process. It calls the given clang
# compiler with our plugin and outputs the information on stderr.
printf -v ARGS "%q " "$@"
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