Commit cbbe6cce authored by Moritz Koenig's avatar Moritz Koenig
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Added va-stuff, we build hashes for all files in bb now

parent 7beda2e0
......@@ -777,6 +777,14 @@ bool HashVisitor::VisitImplicitValueInitExpr(const ImplicitValueInitExpr *Node){
return true;
bool HashVisitor::VisitVAArgExpr(const VAArgExpr *Node){
Hash() << "va_stuff";
hashType(Node->getType()); //ok?
hashStmt(Node->getSubExpr()); //ok?
Hash() << Node->isMicrosoftABI();
return true;
bool HashVisitor::VisitBlockExpr(const BlockExpr *Node){
Hash() << "block expr";
......@@ -140,6 +140,7 @@ public:
bool VisitParenListExpr(const ParenListExpr *Node);
bool VisitDesignatedInitExpr(const DesignatedInitExpr *Node);
bool VisitStmtExpr(const StmtExpr *Node);
bool VisitVAArgExpr(const VAArgExpr *Node);
//TODO: evtl. ImplicitValueInitExpr, GenericSelectionExpr, ArraySubscriptExpr
//TODO: evtl. OpaqueValueExpr, ExtVectorElementExpr (Beschreibung klingt nach C++)
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