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basic bot commands

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import discord
from pprint import pprint
from discord.ext import commands
with commands.Bot(command_prefix='!') as client:
async def on_ready():
bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix='$')
async def on_ready():
print('Bot is ready')
werwolf_server = await(bot.fetch_guild('696079221684175001'))
print(f'members: {[ for member in await(werwolf_server.fetch_members().flatten())]}')
async def on_member_join(member):
print(f'{member} has joined a server')
async def on_member_remove(member):
print(f'{member} has left a server')
async def echo(ctx, *, args):
await ctx.send(args)
async def ping(ctx):
await ctx.send('pong')
async def clear(ctx, amount=2):
def start_game(players):
werwolf_players = [WerwolfPlayer( for player in players]
class WerwolfPlayer:
def __init__(self, id) = id
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