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%!TEX TS-program = /usr/texbin/pdflatex
%!GEDIT texbin = /usr/local/texlive/current/bin/x86_64-linux/pdflatex
% This template is MIT licensed.
% Basic file to demonstrate the usage of this LaTeX template.
% You can build your own paper/thesis on top of this file.
% Simply adjust the document class and all metadata and start working.
language=german, % set to english or german
type=master, % set to bachelor, master or seminar
citationstyle=misq % set to apa or misq. Please ask your supervisor which style you should use.
% Graphics rendering using TikZ
% See:
% Include required TikZ libraries here, some exemplary libraries are pre-included
% Import acronyms
% Import symbols
% Document meta information
title={Eine \LaTeX--Vorlage zur Anfertigung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten},
author-firstname={Vorname Mittelname},
author-phone={+49 251 8338100}, % Use international numbers format
author-address={Lange Gasse 20},
principal-supervisor={Prof. Dr. Martin Matzner}, % This has to be a professor
associate-supervisor={Vorname Nachname, M.Sc.}, % This is your main supervisor, i.e., a post doc or PhD student
tutor-supervisor={}, % If required, define an additional supervisor resp. tutor here
group={Lehrstuhl f\"ur Digital Industrial Service Systems},
group-institute={Friedrich-Alexander-Universit\"at Erlangen-N\"urnberg},
studies={Wirtschaftsinformatik}, %your field of studies, i.e. Wirtschaftsinformatik or Information Systems
%associate-group={}, % When the thesis is done in cooperation with another chair, add it here
%associate-group-institute={}, % add cooperating institute or university here
seminar={Wissenschaftliches Schreiben für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene}, % The title of your seminar
submission-date={2017-02-01}, % The date you handed in your document
%primary-logo={}, % Uses the WWU logo by default
%primary-logo-height={}, % Uses 16mm as default height
%secondary-logo={}, % Logo of the secondary institution (cooperating chair/university), USES Faculty logo by default
%secondary-logo-height={} % Uses 16mm as default height
% Title page
% Quote
% You can put an optional quote page in front of your content
\quotepage[author={Arthur C. Clarke}]{
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
% Table of contents
% List of figures (if you have figures)
% List of tables (if you have tables)
% List of listings (if you have listings)
% List of abbreviations (if you use acronyms)
% List of symbols (if you use symbols)
% Abstract
% Comment out this part, if you don't require an abstract
% Content
% Add your content files here
% Appendix
% References
% Declaration of authorship
% \authorshipstatement[pagenumbering=false]
% \authorshipstatement[pagenumbering=only]
% Consent form for use of plagiarism detection software
% \consentform[pagenumbering=false]
%\consentform[pagenumbering=true] %TODO: has to be adapted to FAU
% \consentform[pagenumbering=only]
% Bonus: Wordcount
% clear
% texcount -total -q -col -sum *.tex
\ No newline at end of file
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