Commit 7d076eba authored by Florian Schmaus's avatar Florian Schmaus
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Merge branch 'fib-child-stealing-args' into 'master'

[apps/FibChildStealing] Improve fibNum arg parsing

See merge request i4/manycore/emper!379
parents 4c9a76c3 1d1965f7
......@@ -66,13 +66,13 @@ static void fib(void* voidParams) {
// NOLINTNEXTLINE(bugprone-exception-escape)
auto main(int argc, char* argv[]) -> int {
uint64_t fibNum = -1;
uint64_t fibNum = 12;
po::options_description desc("Allowed options");
// clang-format off
("help", "Show help")
("nthreads", po::value<unsigned int>()->default_value(std::thread::hardware_concurrency()), "Number of worker threads used by EMPER's runtime system")
("fibnum", po::value<uint64_t>(&fibNum)->default_value(12), "The Fibonacci number to compute")
("fibnum", po::value<uint64_t>(&fibNum)->default_value(fibNum), "The Fibonacci number to compute")
// clang-format on
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