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    [IO] remove partial completion feature · 3b7a60ff
    Florian Fischer authored
    Not supporting partial completions for send, write, read makes
    a lot of code paths way simpler, removes Futures from the globalIo and
    allows more inheritance.
    I don't think partial completion support is worth the hassle.
    Partial completions cancel all dependent requests. Resubmitting some
    in the chain breaks the semantic.
    The global completer does not need to handle requests in its own io_uring.
    We don't need templates for submit because submit works only from within
    the Runtime. This allows submit to be virtual and be overridden by
    Futures which issue a syscall before they submit them selves to the io_uring.
    This and the absence of partial completions save a lot of conditions on
    the fast path.