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Introduce waitfree work/io-stealing

Florian Fischer requested to merge aj46ezos/emper:stealing-changes into master

Waitfree work stealing is configured with the meson option 'waitfree_work_stealing'.

The retry logic is intentionally left in the Queues and not lifted to the scheduler to reuse the load of an unsuccessful CAS.

Consider the following pseudo code examples:

steal() -> bool: steal() -> res load load loop: if empty return EMPTY if empty return EMPTY cas cas return cas ? STOLEN : LOST_RACE if not WAITFREE and not cas: goto loop outer(): return cas ? STOLEN : LOST_RACE loop: res = steal() outer(): if not WAITFREE and res == LOST_RACE: steal() goto loop

In the right example the value loaded by a possible unsuccessful CAS can not be reused. And a loop of unsuccessful CAS' will result in double loads.

The retries are configurable through a template variable maxRetries.

  • maxRetries < 0: indefinitely retries
  • maxRetries >= 0: maxRetries

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