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Full rebase of Marco's changes

Simon Schuster requested to merge marcos-full-changes-rebased into master

This mr contains the missing parts of marco's changes in !10 (closed) that were not included into !11 (merged).

In addition to !11 (merged), it adds the following portions:

  • minted
  • glossaries-extra
  • biblatex author configuration

As noted in !11 (merged), I do not recommmend merging those. IRC-discussion indicates that for minted, the preferred option would be to include it, but only conditionally with an explicit toggle (default being: use lstlistings). Volunteers that want to implement this are welcome.

Thus this MR thus fully superseeds !6 (closed), !8 (closed), !9 (closed) and !10 (closed), and extends !11 (merged).

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