Commit 0bb50893 authored by Kevin Höllring's avatar Kevin Höllring
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Speed up testing the source code

parent 01e52a23
......@@ -62,27 +62,27 @@ $(TARGET_DIR)/%: $(BUILD_DIR)/%.o
TASK1_EXE = $(TARGET_DIR)/task_1
test_task1: init_test build
test_task1: init_test $(TASK1_EXE)
$(TASK1_EXE) < $(INP_DIR)/ > $(TMP_DIR)/task_1_sample.out
diff -us $(TMP_DIR)/task_1_sample.out $(OUT_DIR)/task_1_sample.out
TASK2_EXE = $(TARGET_DIR)/task_2
test_task2: init_test build
test_task2: init_test $(TASK2_EXE)
$(TASK2_EXE) < $(INP_DIR)/ > $(TMP_DIR)/task_2_sample.out
diff -us $(TMP_DIR)/task_2_sample.out $(OUT_DIR)/task_2_sample.out
TASK3_EXE = $(TARGET_DIR)/task_3
test_task3: init_test build
test_task3: init_test $(TASK3_EXE)
$(TASK3_EXE) < $(INP_DIR)/ > $(TMP_DIR)/task_3_sample.out
diff -us $(TMP_DIR)/task_3_sample.out $(OUT_DIR)/task_3_sample.out
TASK4_EXE = $(TARGET_DIR)/task_4
test_task4: init_test build
test_task4: init_test $(TASK4_EXE)
$(TASK4_EXE) < $(INP_DIR)/ > $(TMP_DIR)/task_4_sample.out
diff -us $(TMP_DIR)/task_4_sample.out $(OUT_DIR)/task_4_sample.out
TASK5_EXE = $(TARGET_DIR)/task_5
test_task5: init_test build
test_task5: init_test $(TASK5_EXE)
$(TASK5_EXE) < $(INP_DIR)/ > $(TMP_DIR)/task_5_sample.out
diff -us $(TMP_DIR)/task_5_sample.out $(OUT_DIR)/task_5_sample.out
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