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......@@ -18,8 +18,15 @@ Proceed to the [FAU gitlab server]( and login using yo
To finalize the creation of your account, please click on the image in the top right, select "Settings" and proceed to the "Password" section selectable on the left.
There you will need to assign a password that will be used in all further interactions using the command line.
### Requesting access to the exercise group
Proceed to the [exercise group]( and request access.
Once you have been granted access to the group you can proceed to create a new project prefixed with your IDM identifier within it, in order to distinguish your project from other people’s projects.
Please follow the instructions provided in this README to create and initialize your project.
We kindly ask you to set your project settings to “private”. I
f you want to cooperate with other students, you can grant them access to your project specifically.
### Creating the project
Proceed to create your project by clicking on the plus (+) sign in the top bar and selecting "New Project".
Proceed to create your project by clicking on the "New project" button on the [Exercise Group's page](
Assign a name that will tell you what this project is about (e.g. "cp1_cpp_introduction") and add an adequate description.
Do not select "Add a Readme" or any other options populating your project with an initial set of files.
You can keep your project privacy at "Private" and create the project.
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