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      Bugfix: Platina-Intrinsic: pass type/expr by operand · 3f8fbb08
      Simon Schuster authored
      The former implementation passed the platina type and expression
      infromation by means of two metadata items attached to the intrinsic
      call instruction. However, the tail-call-optimization dropped this
      metadata (in sync with the docs):
        A transformation is required to drop any metadata attachment that it
        does not know or know it can’t preserve.
      Passing this data by means of operands to the call instruction should
      be more robust.
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      Export the extracted PlatinaFacts to PML · 3ccd7132
      Simon Schuster authored
      The facts are exported to the modelfacts member in the PML-files.
      Syntax is as follows:
        - program-point:
            function:        c_entry
            block:           if.else
          origin:          platina.bc
          level:           bitcode
          type:            guard
          expression:      'false'
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      Add a new Platina intrinsic · 5b105ce7
      Simon Schuster authored
      This commit adds a platina intrinsic, which is used as metadata
      container for annotations. This container degrades to a simple platina
      intrinsic opcode, with no parameters.
      This switch from Bitcode to Machinecode happens in
      CodeGen/SelectionDAG, which the metadata.
      We prohibit this opcode from lowering.
  8. 22 Apr, 2017 2 commits
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      Bugfix: YAML-export, remove default Linkage · 1ee5f421
      Simon Schuster authored
      Linkage information on Functions with `ExternalLinkage` was not emitted
      to YAML.
      From the docs:
      "There is one important difference between those two ways (default
      constructor and third parameter to mapOptional). When YAML I/O generates
      a YAML document, if the mapOptional() third parameter is used, if the
      actual value being written is the same as (using ==) the default value,
      then that key/value is not written."
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      Export function linkage information to PMLs · 5bfb7c40
      Simon Schuster authored
      This commit exports a functions LinkageType to PML for both
      MachineFunctions and BitcodeFunctions.
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